Technical Assistance & Training

Although LGBTQ-specific organizations such as BAGLY are critically important for the young people of our community, it is also important that mainstream youth-serving organizations work to become more culturally competent in serving young people of all identities and communities.  We work with programs and organizations towards the goal of increasing LGBTQ youth competency in the sector, and expanding the community based service and support network available to LGBTQ youth.

BAGLY can provide professional trainings and technical assistance for high schools, colleges, LGBTQ-specific and mainstream organizations on a variety of LGBTQ youth related topics.  Trainings, technical assistance and speaking engagements may be contracted one-time or on an ongoing basis and can include: cultural competency building, program development, social media proficiency, health promotion, youth leadership development and more.  Training, technical assistance and public speaking fees very depending upon size and content. All fees support BAGLY’s programming and services for LGBTQ youth.  Contact us to find out more.

Also, many high school GSAs, college groups and even some “AGLYs” have been founded by youth who developed and honed their skills at BAGLY.  Our Leadership Development  and Health Promotion programs are a great resource for schools, churches, and community groups looking to increase the public speaking, meeting facilitation, health promotion and other leadership skills of their youth participants.   Contact us for more information on ways to connect youth with our programs.