Adult Advisors

To apply to be an adult advisor, you must be at least 25 years old and should have some previous experience working with either LGBTQ youth or other youth populations.  All applicants must 1) submit an application, 2) complete a screening interview with program staff, 3) agree to be screened based on criminal offense record information (a CORI check), 4) complete 9 hours of observation (attending the entirety of three evening programming), and 5) interview with current adult advisors and youth leaders.  Following approval by the youth leaders, staff, and current advisors, applicants are expected to follow up with 12 hours of orientation/shadow time with youth and adult supervision. If you can do all that please contact us for an adult advisor application.

BAGLY Adult Advisors are mature, responsible, patient, enthusiastic, and flexible.  They are also committed to:

  • BAGLY’s mission, vision, guiding principles, and core values
  • Youth leadership and youth development, as well as the diversity of youth experience and backgrounds
  • Social justice and building anti-oppressive environments for LGBTQ youth.
  • Non-judgmental, sex-positive information and messages
  • Safety

BAGLY Adult Advisors commit to:

  • Serving as an adult advisor for at least one year (pending outcome of a three month review with staff)
  • Attending all quarterly Adult Program Development Meetings
  • Attending at least two BAGLY week night meetings per month (arriving between 5 and 6pm, staying until 9pm)
  • Attending at least one weekend-long Youth Leadership Retreat per year
  • Attending at least 2 BAGLY events (Halloween Party—October, Winter Ball—February, BAGLY Prom—May) per year

BAGLY Adult advisors are volunteer super heroes who make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth.  They provide support for BAGLY’s program staff and Youth Leadership Committee in carrying out the short and long term tasks and goals for BAGLY’s programs. They also provide informal support, counseling, mentoring and referrals for youth including appropriate interventions in crises and/or emergency situations.

Click here for the most recent list of Adult Advisors