BAGLY Halloween Party

Held every October from 7pm to 11pm.  The admission for the Halloween Party is $20 and may be paid in cash at the door.  The capacity for this event is 1,000 youth. As with all BAGLY youth events, BAGLY dances are free of drugs, alcohol, violence, weapons, pressure, sex and harassment.  DO NOT drink or take drugs before coming to a BAGLY event.  If we think that you are under the influence, if you are found to have snuck in drugs, alcohol, and/or weapons, or if you are found engaging in sex, violence or harassment you will be escorted out of the event – no debate, no refund!

BAGLY reserves the right to refuse admission to any person believed to be a threat to the overall safety or enjoyment of our event.  Professional DJ, Sound and Lighting provided by Chubrub Productions, ZUMIX and Cantorum Creative

Tickets & Admission Policy

Tickets for our events are $20 and can be purchased in cash at the door.

  • Jump The Line Before Nine: $10 Presale for GLBT Youth and THEIR allies are available only at BAGLY’s Weekly Programs and at other “AGLYs”.  Check out the GLBT Youth Group Network of Massachusetts to find an “AGLY” near you!        
  • Arrive after nine… get in line.  If you have pre-purchased tickets but arrive after 9pm you will have to get into line with everyone else.  We will still honor your ticket (you won’t have to pay again) but if you don’t get in before we hit capacity we will NOT refund your ticket.

Safety Policies

The safety, health and well-being of youth have always been BAGLY’s highest priority, and therefore all of our organizational and programmatic policies and protocols have been established and implemented in order to best achieve these goals.  We continue to revise and expand these systems as they are informed through feedback, experience and new developments, in order to ensure that they will continue to best address the current and emerging needs of GLBTQ youth as we move forward.

In addition to BAGLY’s trained youth leaders, adult volunteers, paid staff and board members, each of our events also includes on-site law enforcement, primary health, and mental health professionals, as well as over 100 trained adult chaperones consisting of youth workers, parents, teachers and other community colleagues.  Many of us are also mandated reporters and work within that framework in order to best ensure the safety of our youth participants.  

Although no approach is perfect, and there will always be those who will try to get around even the most carefully implemented systems in churches, schools, service agencies, and community organizations such as BAGLY, all of us here at BAGLY are committed to ensuring that our programs and activities are as safe as possible for our youth participants.

  • No masks!  We will not allow you inside any of our events if you are wearing a mask.  If a mask is part of your effect for a particular category, you should only wear it during that performance.

Coat Check Policy

All youth are required to check all coats and small bags at BAGLY’s free coat check. Water is provided free at dances, so any bottles need to either be checked or thrown out before entering the dance. Once items are checked, youth may only retrieve their belongings when leaving for the night, and are not allowed to get items and return items to the coat check.

  • Important: A medication lock box is provided at the staffed medical station for any youth who must keep medication such as inhalers or epipens accessible. 
  • Important: No suitcases/large bags!  We will not accept suitcases or large bags at our coat check.  Do not bring them!

Attending with a community based group or GSA?

Any adult chaperones attending with the group need to contact us at least 1 week prior to the event. Adults are ONLY allowed into dances as chaperones once they have been approved before the dance.

Interested in chaperoning?

Find out more about how to get involved as an event chaperon.


If you have questions about any BAGLY event contact us or check out our FAQ page.