Network History & Overview

In September of 1992, BAGLY convened a meeting of youth workers from community-based LGBTQ youth groups thoughout Massachusetts to discuss the need to create a community of collaboration in support of their work. In 1993, after meeting regularly for a year, the group founded the GLBT Youth Group Network of Massachusetts so that they could reflect on their practices and identify competences fundamental to their work with GLBT youth. Today known simply as the "AGLY Network," this entity continues to exist as a statewide support and development partnership of community-based direct service organizations with the goal of ensuring that 1) LGBTQ youth from the Commonwealth have access to a broad array of supports, services, and opportunities and 2) LGBTQ youth workers are supported in becoming resources for youth and each other. 

The mainstay of the AGLY Network has been formal and informal approaches to social support provided by and for their youth memberships. Each LGBTQ youth group in the AGLY Network offers a variety of social support programming and development opportunities that build on the strengths and abilities of LGBTQ young people across the state.

The Network has grown to include groups from communities all over Massachusetts, and it collectively provides social support and direct services to more than 6,000 LGBTQ youth annually.  BAGLY provides funding, technical assistance, capacity building, and professional development opportunities to members of the Network through mini grants that support low-threshold access to prevention, screening, and referral services for LGBTQ youth, as well as Health, Education and Risk Reduction Team (HEARRT) implementation. This unique statewide network ensures that high-risk LGBTQ adolescents and young adults from urban, suburban, and rural communities through out Massachusetts have access to comprehensive, culturally competent HIV/STI prevention. Click here to find an AGLY near you!